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Energy Healing: Services

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing assists in all areas, since energetic imbalances can manifest as physical  or emotional issues. It promotes good health and hygiene via Physical and Energetic entrainment. It is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, clothing on therapy of placing crystals and stones on the  body. "The goal is to realign your frequencies and/or remove any emotional blocks while allowing for deep soul learning, healing and spiritual growth

Crystal Healing 90 min  $70 (Includes Reiki and Oracle Cards)

Add on services:

 Focused Intentions $30

Full Chakra Recalibration  $50

  Go beyond the 7 main Chakras and heal the body's transpersonal energetic system.

Crystal Grid   $110

  Personalized to your intention I create a crystal grid for distance work/healing/and manifesting. They can include protection, love, abundance, healing familial DNA, closing portals that ripped a tear in your energetic field from abuse or trauma, revoking soul contracts, physical/emotional healing, enhance business, or another intention.  Grid is set up for one month and you will receive a picture of the Grid to send/receive healing from.

Home Clearing, Blessing, and Protection    $150

  Clears home or space using crystals for protection and a home blessing. I will also Grid your space with crystals for continued clearing and protection. 

Energy Healing: Text

Usui Reiki

Reiki brings light to your soul.

"Rei" means God's Wisdom or Higher Power. "Ki" is the life force energy. Combined it is a spiritually guided life force energy.

Reiki heals the physical, emotional, genetic, and multi dimensional being.  It is delivered through the practitioner's hand while you are clothed. Some experience it as a warmth or coolness and as waves of energy. Quite like being wrapped in a peaceful blanket!

Reiki 60 min $60

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Energy Healing: Text
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